Thursday, October 13, 2011

Media Alert

As I said, I'll be commenting on more than just grammar and the abuse of the English language. I'll also have some observations on the media, politics, entertainment, etc.
      Here's a media alert: Keep an eye on Erin Burnett. CNN just stole her from MSNBC, where she frequently appeared on Morning Joe. CNN gave her her own show, Out Front, from 7 to 8 every weeknight. In her first week, she has been savaged -- mostly by critics on the left -- for being too chummy with Wall Street, but I predict a bright future for her, no matter whether this show thrives or not. The camera loves her -- note how tight it comes in on her face. Unfortunately, in profile she's not quite as attractive, but she's bright and informed, although maybe a bit too manic at this point.
       Saw a jump head in the Sunday News Journal in a story about Steve Jobs: "Music: Consensus on Influence Is Mixed." Really, a mixed consensus? Also, sign outside Eagles practice facility that tried to cleverly call for the ouster of Andy Reid as head coach was -- of course -- way off grammatically. The sign, playing on Reid's usual comment at press conferences, "Time's yours," meaning it is reporters' time to ask questions, read this way: "Andy Times Yours . . . to go." First, there should be a comma after Andy, and second, the apostrophe in time's (meaning "time is," of course) is missing. But I know that asking the idiots who make these signs to be grammatically accurate is like asking Placido Polanco to hit a long fly ball. Ugh, just got a flashback to last Friday's season-ending loss to the Cardinals.
     Until next time, then, watch your language!

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