Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Meanderings


Heard about James Carville's comments regarding the Republican candidates? Carville is the former Clinton strategist who is given to stop-you-in-your-tracks statements. Besides urging Rick Perry to go back to Texas because he is incapable of being president, Carville called Mitt Romney, a flip-flopper on almost all issues, "a serial windsock." I find that accurate, but a little wordy. Why add "serial"? Windsocks change with the wind, just like Romney -- no serial involved. Incidentally, how does Carville stay married to that right winger, Mary Matalin? The discussions in that house must need a referee.
      A reader sent me a note today saying she came across a blog from a communications "professional" that used the expression "mute point." Should be moot, of course. Very discouraging.
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