Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Good News (and Bad)

The Good: The War on Words book version is live on Amazon! -- at least the Kindle version. Easiest way to find it is to type in my name. That will take you to The War on Words and Sawyer, my other book. The E version of War is selling for $3.95. Print version should be available by end of next week if not sooner. Spread the word -- all four of you.

The Bad: Saw a chart in USA Today showing results of a poll question: For which type of charity or cause would you most like to volunteer? The winner: animals, chosen by 17 percent of respondents. Poverty & hunger came in at 15 percent, sick or ill children got 11, education 9 and homeless 8.
     Don't get me wrong, animals are great. I like my cat a lot (notice I didn't say love), but it seems to me society's values are a bit skewed when people put animals above the welfare of fellow human beings. That's a bit discouraging.
      And finally, under Department of Redundancies, Dept., I got this email from the book's printer today: "I have processed your approval of the text and we are proceeding ahead with printing." (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Till next time.

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