Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Media Watch

Interesting that, on MSNBC they are attacking Republican  Herman Cain for his lack of knowledge about China's nuclear capabilities, while over on Fox, they're attacking Democrat John Corzine for the scandal involving his unfortunately name MF Global. Both networks seem to be totally ignoring the other story.
       John Corzine is old news. He's out of politics and probably will never return. Herman Cain, on the other hand, is one of the sorry group of Republican candidates for president. It would seem to me that knowing China has nuclear capability (and has had it for decades) would be the price of admission to the presidential campaign. Apparently not. Cain continues to lead all contenders in the latest poll among benighted GOP voters.

     Department of Redundancies Dept.:  Heard a garden expert on WDEL (1150 AM) use the term "congregate together."
      WIP sports talker said the Eagles' performance "baffles my mind." It may baffle you, pal, but the expression is "boggles my mind."
      May be more to come later. The day is young.

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