Monday, November 28, 2011

Movies, Continued

A Matter of Opinion

My list of movies has prompted a couple of responses, all via email since people continue to find it difficult to get into the blog to comment. Son Steven in particular has an extensive list, some of which I agree with (indicated by boldface) and should have included on my list:

1.     Pulp Fiction
2. Rocky (if only the fight scenes had been more realistic. Have never seen a man take such a beating and get back up -- and with such a display of spastic, over-acting energy!)

3. Star Wars or Empire Strikes Back

4. The Hustler

5. Road to Perdition

6. Forrest Gump

7. Scarface

8. Goodfellas

9. Casablanca (how did I overlook this?)

10. The Departed

11. Reservoir Dogs

12. The Green Mile (I know, a lot of Tom Hanks)

13. Full Metal Jacket

14. Independence Day

15. Ocean’s Eleven (the new version) and, I would add, Ocean's 12

16. No Country for Old Men -- definitely; and a great book

17. The Wizard of Oz

18. Kill Bill (Vol. 1 & 2)

19. Million Dollar Baby

20. Westside Story

Only two comedies in your list? How about some great comedies:

21. Office Space

22. Clerks

23. Airplane!

24. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

25. Vacation or Christmas Vacation
Steven's beloved spouse, DJ, adds A STAR IS BORN – Barbara Streisand & Kris Kristofferson version, and THE LION KING, and suggests we need a few chick flicks. OK, how about Crazy, Stupid Love?
And I'd like to add another I overlooked: Babel, from about four or five years ago.

A friend promises to send his list later tonight.

Can't do a posting without a language reference. Over at Spark, a Wilmington News Journal publication, the apostrophe fairy was loose, leaving random droppings. One of them wound up at the end of noggin, a synonym for head, as in "keep your noggin' warm . . ." Guess they think the actual word is "nogging." Once again, they would be wrong.

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