Tuesday, November 29, 2011


       Continuing the theme of lists, here are my picks for the most annoying people:
1. Howard Eskin. For those not in the larger Philadelphia area, he is (was) a sports talk radio host who recently was forced off his afternoon drive show because he was losing the ratings war to a rival. Eskin is the most egotistical, abrasive, crude radio personality I have ever heard.
2. Donald Trump. Another egotist who unfortunately did not run for president, as he threatened to do. I say unfortunately because he would have been eviscerated.
3. Ann Coulter. The conservative talker and columnist who, among other things, claimed that 9/11 widows were trying to profit from their husbands' sacrifice. Describes herself as "a mean-spirited, bigoted conservative." I couldn't agree more. Oh, and she dresses like a hooker.
     Wanna add to my list?

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